What makes an oyster one of the most passionately and sought after products in the world. Well we have to thank the Romans. You may ask what did the Romans ever do for us? If only one thing they have given us a passion to culture oysters as they were the real pioneers in this area. We carry on this tradition but as each oyster can filter over 55 litres of water a day it is entirely up to nature to determine the flavour in each oyster. It takes us over three years to grow a Carlingford Oyster to market size so that’s a lot of filtering. In Carlingford Lough we have a huge exchange of water with each tide which provides the nutrients on which the oysters feed. In conjunction with this freshwater flowing in from the mountain sides north and south of the Lough give our Carlingford Oysters a very rich and distinctive flavour. Next time you try one of our Carlingford Oysters look out for the sweet slightly nutty flavour followed by a slight tannic and lingering after taste. Then thank the Romans!