Food safety is paramount to us and since we serve our Carlingford Oysters not only to customer world wide but also to our children we need to be sure we always get this part of the business right. All our customers are repeat customers and our reputation for quality and food safety is key to everything we do. This is what we do to ensure all our Carlingford Oysters are always safe to eat.

The waters of Carlingford Lough are classified by the European Union as Class A. This is the highest grade you can get. It means the oyster can be eaten directly from the Lough without any further processing. But we go a step further we place our oysters in purification tanks which ensures the removal of any traces of unwanted bacteria. In fact we recently doubled the size of our purification facility so we can extend our purification cycle. This allows us confidence that our oysters can be tested prior to dispatch. This is particularly important in controlling the rare but nasty norovirus.

We have an extensive an regular sampling regime put in place by the Sea Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA) and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) testing for e-coli, norovirus, bio toxin and salmonella All shipments have a batch code so that we can trace all our oysters. Our packing facility is fully approved and inspected on a regular basis.

With all these safeguards in place we want you to enjoy this natural treasure all you have to worry about is what wine best suits you plate of Carlingford Oysters.